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In August of 2019 the one-woman play “Chameleon” was performed by L. René Christian at the Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio.    This play is based off the true-life story of Lucretia Bowman.

From the Playbill for Chameleon


What is a chameleon? After sorting through a series of definitions of the many aspects of what this reptile is and what it characterizes, the best answer is a lizard with the ability to change colors due to its environment.  In essence, it adapts.

One of the definitions of adaptation is to change to suit the environment. In biology, adaptation is the development of physical and behavioral characteristics that allow an organism to survive and reproduce in their habitats (Encarta Dictionary: English [North America]).

In L. Rene Christian’s triumphant play, she invites the observer to understand that adaption is an art and that change is unavoidable. It engages the audience to see that a chameleon is empowered to create a process or state of change to fit a new environment, a different condition or a special purpose.  This play is based on the true story of the life of Mrs. Lucretia Bowman as told through her book Breaking the Cycle of Self-Abuse.  Her story epitomizes the characteristics of a chameleon.

After the events of the book and play, Lucretia and husband Charles went on to be the founders of Having the Courage to Change which later merged with City Gospel Mission, one of the oldest and well-respected Christian organizations in the tri-state area. Lucretia is now the Vice President of Recovery Services where her husband serves as well. As such they are continuing the assignment to bring hope for recovery and restoration by "breaking the cycle of pain and despair one life at a time." Lucretia is an example of the God-given ability to adapt to the course of life that is most compatible for survival.

Just as a chameleon transforms due to the interaction in its environment, the audience will see that Lucretia's life experiences provided the capacity to endure the different stages of transformation, growth, and success. She demonstrates that the constant ability to change colors, whether consciously or unconsciously, has the potential to empower while in the embrace of the struggle to get where God is ultimately directing. The viewer will understand the colors of redemption which ultimately brightened her life to propel her to a position to effect change in the lives of so many through her work in recovery. --  Deborah Merritt

What people are saying about Chameleon

"A guaranteed standing ovation for a phenomenal, one-woman performance, was well deserved!"

Facebook reviewer

"See her life...see part of you! Know you too can be free."

Facebook reviewer

"This play is NEEDED! This is a door opener for conversations to happen so that so many others can heal, be free, and get on to living their best life! I went through every emotion I have watching while enjoying this play. It really needs to come back and be done in schools and churches in every state."

Facebook reviewer

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