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"I came to Having the Courage to Change on March 15th, 2006 lost, broken, and not remembering my dreams. The past 20 months have been what this ministry is about "having the courage to embrace change". I have found my relationship with God, my savior, and Lord. I have been able to mend my relationship with my beautiful daughter and I am fulfilling my dreams that were long forgotten. Today I know that I am wonderfully and fearfully made, and I love life to the fullest."  -- Melissa Burke

"I have worked out with Lucretia for almost 2 years now, and not only has my physical body changed but so has my emotional, psychological, and spiritual body been taken to a new depth. Lucretia is the type of individual that you are either inspired by because you want more or turned off because you like to hear yourself complain but are not ready to make the necessary change(s). She speaks to and works out the total person, she challenges you to the point where you challenge yourself. Her energy will encourage you to seek after the genuine authentic self that resides within you. Working out with her is more than about physical accomplishments. You are spiraled into a realm of thinking about yourself, life and your purpose/destiny that you have not done so in this manner before. An interaction with Lucretia leaves you desiring a relationship with a woman who can exuberate so much inner strength, and joy from the God you know that she serves. Her spirit and drive ignites yours to move forward into your calling." -- Kathryn Burns-Sanders

"Lucretia has made an impact in my life in such a small amount of time. When she spoke about her vision and the things she went through to get where she is now, I was amazed. Once I read her book I was fully connected with her vision. As I drew her [prior] logo, it was like I was embracing myself. From her I learned that anger was fear and that I was afraid of change. All year I had been looking for something good in my life for me and not anyone else. I go to church every Sunday now. Lucretia is a blessing to me and I hope that she continues to show me how to discover who I really am." -- Serena Beatty, Graphic Artist designer

"When God first placed Lucretia in my life, which was August 2nd of 2005, she was, and still is the Director of H.T.C.T.C. Once I reached the appropriate phase Ms. Lucretia became my life coach. And she is now my supervisor and mentor. Ms. Lucretia is an inspiration to me and so many others. When I think of Ms. Lucretia and what God has done through her and her ministry I get overwhelmed. Ms. Lucretia has taught me so much about life. She is a role model I never had, someone who speaks from experience, loves the Lord and is still continuously changing still after 14 years in her own process. This shows me it's not done over night. And I have learned that it's ok to make mistakes as long as I try to learn from them. She continues to give me advice and holds me accountable for my actions. She is also helping me learn to manage my money. She has given me support and showed me love. I look at Ms. Lucretia as a mother because I have a bond with her because of the guidance, and the structure her ministry has given me. Both beings things I've never had before coming to H.T.C.T.C." -- Meloney Smith, graduate of "Having the Courage to Change

"I've been stuck in my creative life, not because of the quality of my work--but because of my lack of confidence in it.  Lucretia radiates infectious energy. She is a spark. In her presence I'm able to fully OWN my potential and talent--And not only my talent, but realize the amazing possibilities in others.  Lucretia teaches with encouragement and fervent and positive belief that confirms everything good you suspected you could be." -- Sarah Hayes, photographer and web

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